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Pastor William Allen III is an anointed young man full of fire and a burning passion to spread the Word of God through preaching and Gospel music.  He acknowledged at an early age that God had a special plan for his life; and unlike many others he did not run or hide… but rather, he embraced his call wholeheartedly.  Born the only male child to William Jr. and Charletter Allen, Pastor Allen developed a love for the church, singing in choirs and studying the Word.  He accepted salvation at the age of 12 and his call to the ministry at age 18.  By the time he was 21, Pastor Allen had already been ordained as an Elder.  Pastor Allen, early in his spiritual training, was willing to work for God and whatever his hands could find to do, he did. This willingness to serve allowed Pastor Allen to be taught by and to glean from those who were spiritually mature, including the elders of the church.  It was in this season of his life that he developed an “Old School” sort of flow.  He learned to pray, teach, preach, and sing with an “oil” or anointing similar to that of the Saints of old.  

Although he is a young man, Pastor Allen is well respected among members of the clergy and is recognized as a young man who is full of wisdom.  He has served in many capacities including Adjutant General, Church Administrator; and Assistant Pastor.  He is also a member of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops Adjutants Academy.  His passion and vision is to empower this generation to live righteously, operate under the power of the Holy Spirit, and walk in the anointing.  His heart’s desire is to restore the sanctity of the believer.  Pastor Allen is an anointed preacher; imparting the Word of God all over the United States.  With a keen ear for the voice of the Lord, he also walks in the office of the prophetic. A servant above all things, Pastor Allen is an expert on church protocol, adjutancy, and Church Administration; he offers highly sought-after seminars covering these areas.
Pastor Allen earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from Delaware State University.  While there, he, amongst others, was credited with reviving the distinguished DSU Gospel Choir to its former glory.  As Director, Pastor Allen was able to restore order and teach the choir members to minister in song under the power and anointing of God.  It was in his younger years at the Pentecostal Church of God that the Lord endowed him with a special anointing to direct and minister in music.  Having established William Allen Ministries and a choir, William Allen & Covenant, Pastor Allen continues to minister in Song, Word, and Praise. 

In 2014, while diligently serving in these capacities, Pastor Allen began the journey of matriculation at the Howard University School of Divinity in their Masters of Divinity program. In 2017, Pastor Allen earned his Masters of Divinity (MDiv) degree. After much prayer and preparation, Pastor Allen humbly answered the clarion call from God to pastor. Having founded the City of Our God, Inc., in 2014, he declared that the City of Our God would be the place where “Praise Meets Purpose and Destiny is Fulfilled”. Eternally, his desire is to “enlarge the Kingdom” one soul at a time. 

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